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I'm always looking for new opportunities in freelancing and presentations. Please check out the about link below for more information on my CV, work I've done, and more. Right now, I'm focused on remote opportunities due to the sustained COVID-19 surge nationally.

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40 Essential Tips, Rules, And Guidelines For Parents Of Trans KidsBoston Congress of Public Health Great Health Debates Podcast S3E1: What Happens If We Continue To Ignore Disability Culture And Visibility?I Grew Up in a Haunted House (poem)"Keeping It Real With Arthritis" is out now!Everyday Health's Arthritis Blog They Can't Stop ReadingMaking Medical Forms And Doctor Visits More Inclusive: Creating Safe Appointments For Transgender, Nonbinary, And Gender Diverse IndividualsTalk Inclusively About AbortionPublic Google Calendar with Awareness Dates and HolidaysFeature in Invisible ProjectThe Dragon Talk Podcast interviewed me and Dungeons & Diagnoses DM James

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Grayson is a polymath with ADHD (which is probably an oxymoron). A queer, trans, and disabled activist, he works to improve awareness of covered spots while pushing us all to make the work a better place through conversations, research, and equity work. Grayson can usually be found embodying the spirit of an old man while yelling at people on the internet. If he’s not doing that, he might be cooking up a storm, remodeling his first home, hiking with his partner McGravin and their dogs Hank and Dean, or writing.

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A Roundup of Posts Against Autism SpeaksAccessibilityAbleismAllyshipBooksCreating An Inclusive Clinic SpaceDating & RelationshipsDiscussing Sex with Health Care ProvidersFavorite ShopsFor Healthcare ProvidersOppressive LanguageSex and Medical Care Survey, 2016Talk Inclusively About Abortion

My Favorite Resources

Genderqueer.meGuide on Anti-Oppression WorkHow Do We Hold Each Other Accountable When We Mess Up?Kink Aware Professionals DirectoryPleasurablePolyamory-Friendly Professionals DirectorySavvy CooperativeThe Gender Binary is a Tool of White SupremacyTrans CARE CollaborativeTransgender Professional Association for Transgender Health (TPATH)We’re All Problematic — Here’s How to Work Through the Issues We PerpetuateWhat is Privilege? The Coin Analogy

Not Standing Still's Disease

Started in 2009, NSSD is where I document my personal health journey and all things rheumatology.

Spooky Sconnie POdcast

The Spooky Sconnie Podcast highlights everything wonderfully weird and spooky from the state of Wisconsin. You can find it on Anchor FM or wherever you catch your pods.

Chronic Sex

Chronic Sex aims to shed light on the ways illness and disability affect our lives, particularly around self-love, relationships, sex, and oppression.The Chronic Sex Podcast can be found on Anchor FM or wherever you catch your pods.


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