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When People ‘Don't Want Us to Exist’: Chronic Pain and LGBTQ+ Patients40 Essential Tips, Rules, And Guidelines For Parents Of Trans KidsI Grew Up in a Haunted House (poem)The Dragon Talk Podcast interviewed me and Dungeons & Diagnoses DM James

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Grayson is a polymath with ADHD (which is probably an oxymoron). A queer, trans, and disabled activist, I focus the most on health equity, research, and communications, focused heavily on patient advocacy, education, and engagement. I have many health conditions, & several that are rare. It's why I do what I do.As a lifelong rheumatology patient, that's where a lot of my expertise lies. I'm also a sex educator & public speaker.I often talk about not only my health issues, but the fact that I live in Appalachia and am queer, transgender, disabled, and neurodivergent. If I'm not giving talks about health equity or sex education, it's usually about this lived experience.When I'm not trying to change the world for the better (which is honestly super rare!), I enjoy doing things like cooking, hiking with my spouse and our dogs (when I can), and playing video games.

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A Roundup of Posts Against Autism SpeaksAccessibilityAbleismAllyshipBooksCreating An Inclusive Clinic SpaceDating & RelationshipsDiscussing Sex with Health Care ProvidersFavorite ShopsFor Healthcare ProvidersOppressive LanguageSex and Medical Care Survey, 2016Talk Inclusively About Abortion

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Guide on Anti-Oppression WorkHow Do We Hold Each Other Accountable When We Mess Up?Kink Aware Professionals DirectoryPolyamory-Friendly Professionals DirectorySavvy CooperativeThe Gender Binary is a Tool of White SupremacyWe’re All Problematic — Here’s How to Work Through the Issues We PerpetuateWhat is Privilege? The Coin Analogy

Game Content Triggers Database

This isn't my baby, but I do volunteer with this group.Games are meant to be fun, not things that impact our mental health in a negative way. But too often, players are surprised by traumatic and triggering content that can ruin their day, impact progress they’re making in therapy, or cause panic and anxiety.This database allows users to search by content, trigger tag, or game title to find which games or parts of games they should avoid, which they can knowingly and consensually experience, and which they can play without issue.

Not Standing Still's Disease

Started in 2009, NSSD is where I document my personal health journey and all things rheumatology.

Chronic Sex

Chronic Sex aims to shed light on the ways illness and disability affect our lives, particularly around self-love, relationships, sex, and oppression.The Chronic Sex Podcast can be found on Spotify or wherever you catch your pods. It has been on hiatus for a few years now, though.


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